MicroVAX II Hardware Resources


MP-02071-01 REV A1 630QB Field Maintenance Print Set – BA123 Enclosure
MP-02065-01 630QY Field Maintenance Print Set – Rackmount BA23
MP02379_DELQA_sch_JUL90 – DELQA
MP02380_DHQ11_sch_Jul90 – DHQ11

Installation Manuals

EK-002AB-IG-002 MicroVAX II 630QY, 630QZ Installation – BA23
CQD220/223 QBUS SCSI Controller Installation Guide

Owner Manuals

AZ-GLCAA-MN_MicroVAX_II_630QB_Owners_Manual_Jul86 – BA123
AX-GLBAA-MN_MicroVAX_II_630QB_Technical_Manual_Nov85 – BA123
AZ-GL1AA-MN_MicroVAX_II_630QY_630QZ_Owners_Manual_Dec1985 – BA23

Technical, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

AZ-GM3AA-MN_uVAXII_Maint_Oct85 – Maintenance guide, several enclosure types
EK-O19AE-SG-005_MicroVAX_Troubleshooting_and_Diagnostics_May89 – Troubleshooting guide
500507-D_SA-H125_Chassis_Man_May86 (By Sigma) – many drawings relevant to QBUS backplane and power supply connections
EB-23144-18_QbusIntrfs_1983 – Microcomputer Interfaces Handbook – Backplane and QBUS information
BA23 Maintenance Guide EK-186AA-MG-001 – BA23
TK50 Technical Manual

User Guides

EK-KA630-UG-001_Feb86 – CPU Module Reference
EK-DHQ11-UG-002 – DHQ11
DZQ11 Asynchronous Multiplexer User’s Guide
UC0751001H_UC06_UC07_UC08_Host_Adapter_Technical_Manual_Nov90 – UC07 QBUS SCSI controller

Other KA630-Specific Documents

AA-FMBAA-TN, Microvax_II_Release_Notes
KA630-A_Processor_Specification_Rev_3.4_Apr1985 – a very detailed specification sheet
Software_Specification_for_KA630-A_Console_Program_Rev_2.2_Jan1983 – Detailed specification of the KA630 console program