JANE the MicroVAX II is Here!

At long last JANE, a MicroVAX II companion to TARZAN, is ready!

JANE is a custom-built MicroVAX II computer.

For a console, JANE has a built-in LCD VGA display and uses the enclosures’ USB port to connect to a USB keyboard. This makes it possible to do work or just monitor JANE without a need for a separate terminal or terminal emulator.

JANE has a total of 7 fans, all of them silent, so she can be quietly placed and run anywhere.

Specifications and photos are below.

MicroVAX 3 (Actually a DSVAX III)

The MicroVAX II’s “successor” was the MicroVAX 3300/3400, which used the KA640 CPU (2.4 VUPS).
The MicroVAX 3 was based on the not-so-much-faster KA650, rated at 2.8 VUPS.
This particular machine is actually a DEC-compatible. The rack, power supply, QBUS cage, bulkheads and most of the QBUS boards are not DEC. The only DEC board is the CPU. Continue reading “MicroVAX 3 (Actually a DSVAX III)”