TARZAN- a Homebrew MicroVAX II

For years I wanted to have a MicroVAX II that would be livingroom-friendly, i.e. quiet and nice to look at.
After about a month of construction, two power supplies, three custom PCBs and six quiet fans, the homebrew MicroVAX II is ready.

The machine currently runs its own HTTP server, hosting a (basic) web site that tells its story, how it was constructed, what software is installed on it, and lots of general MicroVAX II facts and anecdotes.

It is quiet, interesting (especially for kids), and also functions as a [power hungry] clock: the display is a POS VFD 2×20 character RS232 display hooked up directly to the console port, with very accurate time as the machine runs NTP.

The elongated custom panel PCB seen on the side of the machine is a combination DHV11 cabinet kit, dual Ethernet AUI cabinet kit, a BA23 front panel LED & switch interface (not used on this machine) and FUNCT SEL/SLU holder (also not used, as the SLU is mounted facing the front).
You can find the production files for this board under the “Projects” menu.

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TARZAN sitting in the living room