A Custom Combo MicroVAX II Panel Project

For my “Hombrew MicroVAX II” project, I have designed and built a custom side panel board, which includes
* A Direct replacement for the DELQA cab kit (70-22786-01) (dual – can connect to two DELQAs)
* Two DHV11 cab kits (similar to H3173-A, CK-DHV11-XX)
* Space for a FUNCT/SEL SLU Module
* Drivers for front panel external LEDs and switches

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FUNCT SEL/SLU Module Replacement Project

I have designed and built a replacement for the original MicroVAX II (KA630) CPU patch panel, also known as the “FUNCT SEL/SLU MODULE”.

The original DEC part numbers are 5416744-0-1, 5016743-01-01, and it can also replace 5417016-0-0 (KA650/KA655 SLU) and perhaps others as well.
I have decided to do this project as I have seen more than one original patch panel board corroded beyond repair.

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BA23 Power Supply (H7684-A / H7864-B) Replacement

This 100% new power supply, fondly named H7864-C, is a 1:1 replacement for the Astec AA12131 (DEC p/n H7864-A, H7864-B) power supplies.

It is physically compatible and will fit in any BA23 housing, and will work with any PDP11, MicroVAX (KA630/650/655) or RTVax.
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