Why a museum?

The museum’s purpose is to preserve a little bit of computing history, in the shape of a reconstructed computer room of the late 1980’s. The reason is simple – nobody seems to be doing it, and if I didn’t do it, there is a good chance many things could be lost.

Focusing on 80’s old computers in general, or even just old DEC computers, is a bit too much – I lack the space and resources for such a collection. So I am focusing on the MicroVAX II.

Who owns it?

My museum is a private museum, and I own the stuff.

How professional and accurate is your museum? is it really a museum or just a pile of old computer junk?

All the relevant hardware in my museum is pre-1991, and if it’s not – it means I’m still looking for a proper replacement exhibit from that period.
Some later items are from a time when the MicroVAX II was still around – like a RRD45 CDROM drive, or a SCSI tape drive. I keep them because I’m using them, and they make life a little bit easier.

What are your visiting hours?

By appointment only.

Contact ?

Send an email to the webmaster.